Why is there no honorary Cesar this year?

Pourquoi il n'y a pas de César d'honneur cette année? This The prize usually rewards international celebrities or big names in French cinema. Approached, Brad Pitt would have declined the invitation.

This is a first since the creation of the price in 1500. The 45e ceremony will not award an Honorary Cesar this year. As a reminder, this prize often goes to a personality of American or international cinema, even to personalities awarded posthumously or to great French actors. But for the edition 2020, there should be no honor given to a planetary star, nor an American actor who will come to walk the French red carpet. Last year, actor Robert Redford received this prestigious award, following Penelope Cruz, George Clooney, Michael Douglas and Sean Penn.

Brad Pitt would have been approached by the Academy to receive the Honorary Cesar 2020, tells us Le Parisian. The American actor, acclaimed for his role in Once upon a time … in Hollywood, would have accepted at first, before retracting. We do not know the exact reasons for this refusal. Other American stars would have been approached to make up for this change, but they would all have declined the invitation. The Academy facing several controversies, in particular many reproaches as to the functioning of its management, the concerns were elsewhere. The criticisms were such that the management of this institution collectively resigned. In fact, no time to find a replacement for Brad Pitt. The ceremony will have to do without American glamor this year.

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