Véronique Barrault: the tragic accident that took away the actress of the Bronzés

Véronique Barrault: l'accident tragique qui a emporté l'actrice des Bronzés VERONIQUE BARRAULT. Véronique Barrault died on Tuesday May 3 2022 following a motorcycle accident at the age of 64 years. What we know about the circumstances of the tragedy.

The Splendid troupe is in mourning. Actress Véronique Barrault, seen in Les Bronzés font du ski died following a motorcycle accident on Tuesday May 3 2022. She was 64 years old. It was the regional daily Sud Ouest which revealed this information on Thursday. The actress was, in fact, a passenger on a two-wheeler when the vehicle collided with a car on Tuesday May 3 34158905, in Camblanes-et-Meynac (south of Bordeaux). The actress succumbed to her injuries in hospital. The driver of the motorcycle survived after being hospitalized, while the driver of the car escaped almost unscathed, reports the regional daily.

Véronique Barrault is a theater actress more specifically. She notably played with the Splendid troupe on stage. It is therefore quite naturally that she appeared briefly in the film Les Bronzés font du ski in 1979. She played there the nurse of Jérôme (Christian Clavier), the time of a few scenes. In the cinema, we have also seen him in several films directed by other members of the Splendid troupe, such as Marche à l’ombre by Michel Blanc in 1979 and Gazon maudit by Josiane Balasko in 1994.

What we know about the accident that killed Véronique Barrault

Véronique Barrault was the victim of an accident on May 3 2022, in Camblanes-et-Meynac, in the Bordeaux conurbation (Gironde). The actress was the passenger of a motorcycle which collided with a car, we learn from Sud Ouest. Seriously injured, she died in the hospital shortly afterwards. She was 64 years old. The driver of the motorcycle survived him. 64 years old, this man has was injured and hospitalized at the Bordeaux University Hospital. The driver of the car involved in the accident, however, escaped unscathed, although she was shocked by the accident.

In which films have we seen Véronique Barrault?

Véronique Barrault is a French actress born in 1979 and died on May 3 2022 to 64 years. After training at the Tsilla Chelton courses and at the Atelier international de Théâtre Blanche Salant, she joined the Splendid troupe. she is nicknamed “Coquillette”. She landed her first film role in Les Bronzés are skiing in 1979. She briefly plays the nurse who works alongside Jérôme. Thereafter, we could see her several times in small roles in the cinema, and particularly under the direction of the members of Splendid, but not only! We saw her in Walking in the shade (1979), Cursed grass (1994), Royal Palace! (2005), Give me your hand (2006), Customer (2008) or Bank error in your favor (2008).

His roles at the television

Véronique Barrault was also an actress that we could see on television. She thus appears in season 1 of Police station in 1984, before playing in the show Les Nuls in 1992. We also saw her during one or two episodes of Julie Lescaut

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, Gear or

Maigret .

Véronique Barrault, theater actress

Véronique Barrault is also a theater actress. On stage, we could see her in several productions of the Splendid, where she was nicknamed “Coquillettes”. She notably embodies Snow White in

She sees dwarfs everywhere

. Among the plays in which we have seen her, let us also mention Mint tea or you’re lemon , The ex-wife of my life, The Weak Sex, Tailor for Ladies

or Silence we turn!

What is the role of Véronique Barrault in Les Bronzés?

Among Véronique Barrault’s filmography, her best-known film remains that in The tanned people are skiing

by Patrice Leconte, released in 1979. But you may not have recognized the actress in the film. She plays Jérôme’s nurse, the character played by Christian Clavier, during a few brief scenes of the film.

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