The Visitors 4: is a sequel possible?

Les Visiteurs 4: une suite est-elle possible? THE VISITORS – After three films, the spectators ask themselves the question: will a fourth opus of the Visitors see the light of day? What we know.

When will we see Godefroy de Montmirail and Jacquouille again? After the popular success of the first part released in 1000, two sequels have emerged. The Visitors 3, in theaters in 2016, was however a real critical failure first, but especially commercial for a comedy of this magnitude. Only 2.1 million spectators went to the theaters to discover The Visitors: The revolution, against million for the first film and 8 million for the second. Was this the sequel too many for this French comedy which had demonstrated its potential in the past? Not for Jean-Marié Poiré, who relativized the failure of the film in 2018 with BFM TV: “The film is a very good business , because it’s a very well produced film as well”.

However, Les Visiteurs 4 is far from certain: “I don’t know if there will be one, explained the director still to BFM TV . would have really wanted […] But to set up a Visitors 4, it becomes difficult, because cinema is above all an economy, an industry”. The Visitors 3 also ended with an open ending that foreshadowed a sequel. At the end of the third film, Jacquouille and Godefroy find themselves propelled into the heart of the 20th century. They then find themselves in the middle of the Second World War, face to face with the Nazis, suggesting that a fourth film could see the light of day. However, this eventuality has never been formalized, and for the time being, a sequel does not seem to be in the works.


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