The Punisher: info on the Netflix series with Jon Bernthal

The Punisher: les infos sur la série Netflix avec Jon Bernthal The Punisher is a Marvel series released on Netflix. Synopsis, cast, here is all the info.

The Punisher is a two-season Marvel television series carried by actor Jon Bernthal. It can be found on the Netflix streaming service for subscribers. This fiction follows the character of Franck Castle, also called the Punisher, who kills criminals instead of bring them to justice like other superheroes. Before he was entitled to his own series, fans of the Marvel universe were able to discover him in the Daredevil series. Created in 2017, The Punisher sees the broadcast of its second season in 2019 on Netflix. The Punisher was canceled at the end of its season 2

and will not return for a sequel.

Synopsis – The Punisher follows the adventures of Franck Castle. The latter is obsessed with the assassination of his family which occurred a few years earlier. In order to find the culprits and avenge his family, he becomes the Punisher, a violent vigilante who does not hesitate to kill criminals rather than bring them to justice.

Who is in the cast of The Punisher?

The Punisher is a series whose title role is carried by actor Jon Bernthal. In the casting, we find the actor Ben Barnes in the role of Billy Russo / Jigsaw but also Amber Rose Revah who plays Dinah. Below, find the main cast of the series.

      Jon Bernthal: Franck Castle/Punisher
    • Ben Barnes: Billy Russo / Jigsaw
  • Amber Rose Revah : Dinah Madani
  • Jason R. Moore: Curtis Hoyle
  • Josh Stewart as John Pilgrim
  • Floriana Lima: Krista Dumont
  • Giorgia Whigham: Amy Bendix

    Where to watch The Punisher in streaming?

    The two seasons of The Punisher are available on the Netflix streaming platform. To see the 15 episodes (of the two seasons) of the series, you just need to have a subscription to Netflix and connect to the platform.

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