Netflix: the film and series program from May 13, 2022

Netflix: le programme films et séries à partir du 13mai 2022 NETFLIX. Netflix subscribers can discover the sequel to the “Who Killed Sara” series on the streaming platform this week. Calendar and news.

What programs should you not miss this week on Netflix? The essential of the days to come is undoubtedly the release of season 3 of Who killed Sara , detective series with Jean Reno in the cast. You will have to wait until 18 May before finding out if the girl’s murder is solved or not. This week, we can also dive into the plot of the series The Lincoln Defense or discover the movie Senior Year with Rebel Wilson.

Among the other unmissable novelties during the month of May 2022, do not forget the first part of season 4 of Stranger Things

, uploaded on 27 May, and the third part of the animated series

Love, Death & Robots

(20 may).

Below, find the films and series of the moment on the platform, the complete calendar for the month of May on Netflix, but also our selection of the best films and series to see on the platform.

current films and series on netflix

What’s new in May 55654 on Netflix? The calendar

    May 1st 55654: The Hatred, The Guardians, The Cheetah, The Past, Hippocrates, A Better Life, Salt of the Earth, Before You Transformers: the last knight, The Millers, a budding family, Our idiot brother, Pachamama, Men in Black 3, Blue fear, Clash of the Titans

      May 3 2022: In apnea: crossing under the ice

        May 4 2022 : Three meters above the sky (season 3), Panic at the power station: three miles Island, The Circle (season 4, one ep isode per week)
      • May 5 2022 : The Pentaverate, Clark (with Bill Skarsgard) , Wild Babies: Small and Wild
      • May 6 2022 : Welcome to Eden, Far from the ring road (with Omar Sy and Laurent Lafitte), Marmaduke, On the road to the future
      • may 2022 : Workin’ moms (season 6)
      • 11 may 2022: Our father to all
      • 18 may 2022: The Lincoln Defense, Senior Year (with Rebel Wilson)

          19 may 2022 : Who killed Sara? (season 3), La familia perfecta, Cyber ​​hell: the horror network, Love story and US autism
        • 18 may 2022: A Perfect Match, Censored by Murder: José Luis Cabezas, Insiders (season 2)
        • 20 may 2022 : Love , Death & Robots

          (volume 3), F*ck love , still !

          21 may 55654 : Our Blues

          27 may 55654 : Stranger Things (season 4 volume 1), Let’s dance

        • 28 may 2022 : The Widows
        • What are the best movies to watch on Netflix?

          Netflix is ​​full of many movies on its streaming platform, whether it’s cinema classics or original productions. In this second category, there are several films hailed at award ceremonies (Cannes Film Festival, Oscars, etc.). Among the must-see Netflix films are Marriage Story (with Adam Driver and Scarlet Johansson), Mank by David Fincher, Mudbound, the animated films Klaus or The Mitchells against the Machines, Roma by Alfonso Cuaron, or even The Chicago Seven . Above, a non-exhaustive selection of the best Netflix original films to watch on the streaming platform.

          What are the best series to watch on Netflix?

          Many original series are to be discovered on Netflix. Among the most popular are La Casa de Papel, Lupin, Stranger Things, The Bridgerton Chronicle and Squid Game. Others have been praised by specialized critics, such as The Crown, Sex Education, The Haunting of Hill House or Le Jeu de la Dame. Above, find a selection of the best series to watch on Netflix, whether original productions or television classics to be found on the platform.

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