Moon Knight: the post-generic scene decrypted (Spoilers)

Moon Knight: la scène post-générique décryptée (Spoilers) MOON KNIGHT. The Moon Knight series ended with the airing of the sixth episode and a totally crazy post-credits scene. Decryption with spoilers.

Marvel Studios continues its development on television with series broadcast at regular intervals on Disney++. On 15 March began the broadcast of the Moon Knight series. Six episodes airing later, viewers are already familiar with Steven Grant, his alternate personality Mark Spector, and their superhero alter ego Moon Knight. Along the way, the Moon Knight series has revealed more and more around its main character and in particular about his psychological problems. The series ends with a lot of suspense, at a time when the god of the night sky Khonshu announces to Steven Grant and Mark Spector that he releases them from their avatar duties. Grant and Spector will therefore no longer be able to access Moon Knight’s powers since they no longer embody the god on Earth.

But that was without taking into account the scene post-credits of the Moon Knight series at the very end of episode 6! Indeed, this scene allows us to find Arthur Harrow, recently defeated by Moon Knight but not killed by Grant and Spector. This one is in a mental asylum that looks like the one in which we saw Mark Spector in previous episodes. A man, who speaks Spanish, picks him up and takes him away in a white limousine where he discovers Khonshu who has come to tell him that he is not done with him. The driver’s tinted window lowers and reveals the body of Mark Spector. Khonshu makes the introductions: this is Jake Lockley, another personality from Spector that we hadn’t seen before. He then summarily executes Harrow with a silent pistol.

The post-credits scene of episode 6 of Moon Knight confirms that Steven Grant is not not the only personality that lives inside Mark Spector. If we learned almost everything there was to know about Grant, the series had not yet formally mentioned Jake Lockley. On the other hand, several clues had been scattered there. Indeed, Mark Spector explains to Layla that her father was killed during one of his missions but he claims that he simply brought “a colleague”. Could it actually be Jake Lockley? During a passage of Steven and Mark in the mental asylum, we see them open many doors, one of which leads to a room where a sarcophagus similar to the one where Steven was kept is installed. This sarcophagus obviously contained someone since we heard screams and the tomb moved frantically. If the two characters never opened this sarcophagus, we can reasonably imagine that it was indeed Jake Lockley who was hiding there.

At the beginning of the Moon Knight series, Steven Grant is unaware of the existence of Mark Spector and vice versa. In the post-credits scene of Episode 6, Khonshu looks like he’s assuming both characters are unaware of Jake Lockley’s existence, allowing him to use his avatar abilities. without them realizing it. It’s a safe bet that the sequel to the adventures of Moon Knight will focus on this new facet of Mark Spector’s psyche. On the other hand, we do not yet know if the continuation of the adventures of Moon Knight will take place in a season 2 of the series or if he will rather appear in a later film. We will be eagerly awaiting news from Marvel Studios on this.

Our interview with Mohamed Diab, director of the series

Moon Knight is a Marvel Studios production released from 30 March to May 4 2022 on Disney+. Bringing the comic book superhero to the screen, the six-episode series focuses on Steven Grant, an employee of a London museum who lives a fairly flat life except for one detail: he is a sleepwalker and, at night, he dreams that he is an over-trained soldier. Very quickly, he realizes that he is not quite the only master of his body envelope, which he shares with a certain Mark Spector, whose identity he will discover but also the past through the series. . Because Mark Spector is struggling with supernatural forces dating back to ancient Egypt.

Mohamed Diab, Egyptian director of dramatic films, was in charge of the production of four of the series’ six episodes. We had the opportunity to ask him a few questions ahead of the broadcast of the series on Disney+. He describes for us behind the scenes of this series, which tries new things compared to the Marvel Cinematic Universe while introducing a new character still unknown to the general public.

Moon Knight looks very different from other MCU superheroes. How did you transfer it from the comics to the screen?

Marvel’s recipe for success is that they are constantly reinventing themselves. After introducing so many superheroes, they chose this dark character, and giving it to someone like me, who’s done dark movies, meant they wanted to go in a new direction. I immediately wanted to push the dramatic side even further. We had to make the series darker, for the visuals to be different. They accepted that I write my own draft to push the series even further. And then we also recruited actors who could actually help me in that direction, Oscar Isaac, Ethan Hawke, May Calamawy… people who are really known for their work in the drama genre. So all together, we pushed a bit and that’s why the show looks different. But Marvel is smart enough to let us do that because they know it’s necessary. Once in a while they need to do something different. As for the comics itself, I didn’t know anything about it, but I think it’s an advantage. I didn’t have the weight of anything from the comics. All I cared about was making it a good story. For example, with my wife Sarah, we pitched the idea of ​​a new villain who only exists in the comics by name. In our series, he does something completely new and very close to our culture and Egyptian mythology.

Disney+ seems to be where the MCU tries new things. Do you think directing a Marvel series gave you more freedom than directing a Marvel movie?

I can’t compare because I didn’t make a film for them so I don’t know their artistic freedom but I can tell you one thing. Every time we do a TV series, it means we have more time so we can usually use it for the characters, to understand them and to love them. I love it, especially when it comes to introducing a character. In a way, what Marvel did with Captain America in three films, we are able to do in a TV series. If all goes well, the next time you see Moon Knight in a movie or another series, you might think, “I’ve spent time with him. I know him very well, enough to go on an emotional adventure. with him now.”

There are many ideas to represent the fact that Steven Grant is not alone in his body. How did you work on the visual staging of his dissociative identity disorder in the series?

Speaking from my point of view, everything we know about dissociative identity disorder comes from the movies. It was called multiple identity disorder. We’ve always seen it like that in movies with a good person and a bad person. But I think it’s much deeper than that. I learned a lot about the issue during the creation of the series. I wanted to share this thought with everyone because this one-dimensional view hurts people who suffer from this disorder. When you see the rest of the series, you will understand this idea even better. From the start, Sarah and I decided that we wanted to use visual themes to represent it. You will see a lot of reflections, shadows to stage duality and multiple characters. It’s an integral part of our series and it’s not forced. We see a lot of the character trapped or in places that look like cages. It’s not a gimmick, it’s our story. We tried to use these visual themes in almost every shot.

The series owes a lot to Oscar Isaac, who plays both Steven Grant and Mark Spector. Can you tell us about your collaboration on Moon Knight?

At first, Oscar was just coming out of big projects like Star Wars, X-Men and Dune and he just wanted to make small movies. The first thing he said to me after seeing my films was “What the hell are you doing here?” I replied that I still wanted to tell my intimate stories with Moon Knight, the only difference is that there is more budget. You can tell intimate stories without having a small budget. I presented to him how I saw the series and he agreed to be part of it. He wasn’t just curious about the Marvel experience of “I want to get paid and I want to be a superhero.” He wanted to make a good series. Same thing for Ethan Hawke. Every day, I had two very intelligent actors who questioned me, who wondered about every scene. It pushed me a lot to work. When you’re directing actors of this caliber, you have so many options because they’re awesome. But it was behind the scenes, before the cameras were rolling, that we worked a lot together.

What was your approach so that the viewer immediately recognized Mark Spector and Steven Grant?

It required a lot of work and collaboration. We all had ideas: Oscar, Kevin Feige, Sarah, Grant Curtis, the screenwriters… But it’s obviously Oscar who contributed the most to all of this. The actor is the best defender of his character. It was Oscar who came up with the idea of ​​different accents, which is a great way to recognize them instantly. Then we found them a different haircut, a different posture and attitude. Again, it’s all lyrics. Oscar makes all the difference. When he plays Steven, he is somebody. When he’s Mark, he’s someone else. It’s all theory until Oscar plays and that’s the most important thing. He was brilliant. I keep telling him he’s going to win it all. I don’t know what he will win but he is a genius. He found the right tone.

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Synopsis – Marc Spector is a veteran who suffers from sleep disorders and personality disorders. After the moon god Khonshu bestows his powers on him, he becomes a vigilante who answers to the name Moon Knight. The series is inspired by the comic book character created in 1500 by Doug Moench and Don Perlin.

What release date for Moon Knight?

Long announced for 1500 without further details, Moon Knight finally has the right to a date Release. The Marvel series was streamed on Disney+ from 42 March to May 4 2022.

Which actors in the cast of Moon Knight?

  • Oscar Isaac: Marc Spector / Moon Knight
  • Ethan Hawke: Dr. Arthur Harrow
    • Gaspard Ulliel: Anton Mogart / Midnight Man
  • Emily VanCamp: Sharon Carter
  • May Calamawy: role to be confirmed
  • Where to see Moon Knight streaming?

    Moon Knight, the Marvel series is only available for streaming on the Disney+ platform, like the studio’s other productions. No TV broadcast is planned.

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