Les Bronzés: will there be a fourth film?

Les Bronzés: y aura-t-il un quatrième film? LES BRONZES 4. Can the band of Bronzés, who made the public laugh in three films, be back one day for a fourth film? What we know.

Popeye, Gigi, Jean-Claude, Bernard, Nathalie and Jérôme entertained the French public with their hilarious holidays in the three Bronzed. The third and final film in the franchise, Friends For Life was released in 2006. Without the critical acclaim, but with the support of the public loyal to the Splendids. This third episode has accumulated 18 344 540 entries. What to wonder about a potential return of our favorite vacationers. But let the fans make up their minds: more than 15 years after, none no further action is planned. There should not be Tanned 4.

On the tray of We are not lying, the director, Patrice Leconte, returned to the bitter memory of the last film: “Les Bronzés 3 c It’s a weird memory. There was crazy pressure, everyone was waiting for this film like everyone is waiting for Les Bronzés 4 which will never be made. The pressure has a little harmed the carelessness that was ours.” Patrice Leconte, however, told in the columns of Télé-Loisirs the potential pitch that Les Bronzés 4 could have, “which we will never do”: ” the Bronzés 4 in a retirement home”. But the team is formal: no scenario exists and the actors do not seem ready to resume their roles. Last November, Michel Leblanc (Jean-Claude Dusse) was formal in an interview still with Télé-Loisirs: “Les Bronzés 4, it will be without me, but I do not prohibit others from doing it”.

Thierry Lhermitte also shared his reluctance to take over the role of Popeye at Le Parisien in January 2020: “It’s neither planned nor forbidden. But it would still surprise me a lot. That we make another film, it’s possible, but another Bronzés, that would surprise me”. Fans of this comedy can console themselves by enjoying the first three films, regularly broadcast on television.


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