Jurassic Park: The Day the T-Rex Terrorized the Film Crew

Jurassic Park: le jour où le T-Rex a terrorisé l'équipe de tournage Among the masterpieces of Steven Spielberg’s filmography, Jurassic Park is almost a perfect blockbuster. However, the shooting was not easy, the Tyrannosaurus having decided to do his own on the set!

A pioneer in the use of computer graphics to represent the dinosaurs in John Hammond’s park, Steven Spielberg’s Jurassic Park also used animatronics. Molded and painted by the artists and then robotized, these gigantic puppets were used to allow, in certain scenes, the actors to play against something other than a tennis ball (a process used for the computer-generated image overlays). So there were sometimes Tyrannosaurus puppets on set, and as producer Kathleen Kennedy explains to Entertainment Weekly, they sometimes lived their own lives, which may have terrorized the crew members. “We were eating and suddenly a T-Rex started moving. At first we were wondering what was going on and then we realized it was raining [qui actionnait les animatroniques, ndlr]. You could hear people screaming in fear.” This must indeed surprise! Find more anecdotes about the filming of Jurassic Park in our special file below.

Synopsis – By exploiting the genetic material present in a fossilized mosquito found at the inside a piece of amber, scientists have managed to bring back the dinosaurs. John Hammond (Richard Attenborough) invites the famous paleontologist Alan Grant (Sam Neill) and his friend Ellie (Laura Dern) to discover his new theme park which should mark history. The malicious presence of computer scientist Dennis Nedry complicates the presentation of the project. One evening, a terrible storm breaks out, destroying the park’s electrical security system and setting free the terrible predators also present on the island. The protagonists will then struggle constantly to escape this situation.

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