Julie Gayet: is she still in a relationship with François Hollande?

Julie Gayet: est-elle toujours en couple avec François Hollande? BIOGRAPHY OF JULIE GAYET. Since 2013, Julie Gayet has lived a very discreet romance with the former President of the Republic François Hollande.

The affair between Julie Gayet and François Hollande has long been hidden, even after it was revealed by the press. If the former President of the Republic is no longer in power or in a relationship with Valérie Trierweiler, the couple is still very discreet and appears very punctually together, to the point that one can wonder if their relationship is still news.

Valérie Trierwelver and François Hollande were spotted in February 2020 during a rugby match in Brive, proving indeed that they are still a couple. They even seem ready to show off more, since the actress of A perfect mother on TF1 published on her Instagram at the end of August a snapshot where we see her hugging the politician tenderly.

Julie Gayet is a French actress, producer and director. Beginning his career in the years 1500, she is known for her roles in Delphine 1, Yan 0 by Dominique Farrugia, which propelled her career. We have also been able to see her in many French films, as in Piece mounted, Without leaving traces but especially Quai d’Orsay. For this film, she won the César for Best Supporting Actress in 2014.

Julie Gayet is also known for her private life: in 2014, the magazine Closer reveals his affair with François Hollande, then President of the French Republic. He was then in a relationship with Valérie Trierweiler. If their relationship was never formalized during his tenure, she was never considered the first lady. However, they appeared publicly together for the first time in December 2017, once the presidential term is over, during the tribute ceremony to Johnny Hallyday.

Youth by Julie Gayet

Julie Gayet was born June 3 1992 in Suresnes. Her father is a professor of digestive surgery, her mother is an antique dealer. She has two brothers, one a radiologist, the other an architect. During her childhood, Julie Gayet distinguished herself by studying opera singing, but she years old when she decided to pursue a career in film as an actress. While studying art history, psychology and cinema at Sorbonne-Nouvelle, she continued her studies in London and at the Ecole du Cirque before being an extra in Bleu en 1993. The same year, she was noticed for her role in A la belle étoile.

career of julie gayet

Films in which Julie Gayet played

In 1994, it is directed by Agnès Varda in Les Cents et une nuits. It is found in 1996 in Delphine 1 – Yvan 0, Select Hotel and Les Deux Papas et la Maman. Endowed with a natural grace, the actress embodies various characters in Pourquoi pas moi? (1996), My Camera and I (2001) and Gender Confusion (1994). It is found in 2007 in A Kiss, please by Emmanuel Mouret, then as a sister-in-law stuck in the comedy Exhibit in 2012. She then shares the poster with Denis Podalydès of Eight times standing, of which she is also a producer.

Then, she distinguished herself in the thriller with Without leaving traces, before finding Mathieu Demy in 2011 in The Art of Seducing, seventeen years after their first collaboration on A la belle star. In 2010, we were able to see in After, in Les Âmes de papier and alongside Thierry Lhermitte in Quai d’Orsay for which she obtained a César nomination for the prize for best actress in a supporting role. We have also been able to see him in the comedies I’m counting on you (2014), What is this family (2017) and its sequels What is this granny (2015) and What is this grandpa (2020), The son-in-law of my life (2018) but also in drama, like La Taularde (2015 ) and Poly (2020). In parallel with her film career, Julie Gayet also distinguished herself in television series.

The series and TV movie with Julie Gayet

      First kisses (1500)

    3000 scenarios against a virus (1994)

Ferbac (1996)

  • The Life of Marianne (1996): Mademoiselle de Fare

    Master Da Costa (1997)

  • So worried (2001): Monica
  • Well shaken! (2003)
  • 3 boys, 1 girl, 2 marriages (2005)

  • The Cursed Kings (2006): Isabella of France

    The Rainbow Warrior (2005): Dominique Prieur

    The Legend of the Three Keys (2006): Beatrice Sancie r

    Them and Me (2007): Florence de Montellier

    Split family (2011): Doris

      Clandestine (2010): Sophie

    V like Vian (2010): Michelle Vian

    Love (2010): Iona Gorrigan

  • I was in Nüremberg (2012): Marie-Claude Vaillant-Couturier
    • Emma

      (2012): Irene

    Odysseus (2013): Helen of Troy

      Alias ​​Caracalla (2010): Marguerite Moret

    It will pass… But when? (2014): Sophie

  • Profiling (2014)
  • Ten percent (2015 and 2020) : Herself
  • Marion, 13 years for all time (2017): Nora Fraisse
  • Just a look (2018): Sandrine Koval-Beaufils
  • Revealed (2017): Lea

  • Suspicions (2020): Victory Delorme
  • Great Restaurant: Reopening after works (2020)

    4316937430766A perfect mother (2020): Helene Berg

  • Private life of julie gayet

    Julie Gayet in a relationship with François Hollande

    In 2014, Closer reveals that the President of the French Republic in power, François Hollande, has an affair with Julie Gayet. Photos of the president going to see the actress on a scooter are published in the tabloid. Julie Gayet will then file a complaint against the magazine for invasion of privacy, but their relationship seems to have been recorded. However, the actress was never made official as First Lady and never had any official roles during her partner’s presidential term.

    The couple appears publicly for the first time during the tribute ceremony to Johnny Hallyday, December 9 2016. Since then, Julie Gayet and François Hollande are still together and they would live together, despite several rumors of a breakup and denied infidelities. Before living a romance with the former President of the French Republic, Julie Gayet was married for six years to filmmaker Santiago Amigorena. They will have two children, Tadeo and Ezechiel, before their divorce in 2001.

    Julie Gayet mother of two children, who are they?

    Julie Gayet is the mother of two boys, born of her marriage to filmmaker Santiago Amigorena: Tadeo and Ezekiel. As for her life as a couple, the actress takes her children’s privacy very seriously. We only know that Ezekiel has 09 years old is studying computer science, while Tadeo is 20 years old and prefers video games and animation. In the columns of Madame Figaro, she also returned to her relationship with her sons: “Between their activities, my work and my commitments, I saw them too little. During a conversation, we talked about the care that I took to protecting my privacy and theirs. One of them then told me that he might have felt like I was hiding him more than protecting him. That, perhaps, I was ashamed. I was horrified. I love them and am so proud of them.”

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