Iron Fist: synopsis, cast … all about the Marvel series

Iron Fist: synopsis, casting... tout savoir sur la série Marvel Fourth series of the Marvel universe, Iron fist is to be seen on Netflix. Here’s everything you need to know about the superhero series.

Iron Fist is one of the Marvel universe series released on Netflix. This one features billionaire Danny Rand, who has been missing for fifteen years, back in New York to fight crime. Created in 2017, this series has two seasons. However, it was canceled after the second, due in particular to the creation of Disney +, the streaming service of the Mickey firm which had bought Marvel studios before. Iron Fist is part of Netflix’s Marvel Universe, joining the Daredevil, Punisher, Jessica Jones and Luke Cage series online on the platform. The superheroes find themselves in 2017 in the mini-series The Defenders.

Synopsis – After disappearing for several years, billionaire Danny Rand is back At New York. Ostensibly, he returns to take over the family business. But he decides to confront the crime that is rampant in the city. To fight the thugs, he uses his knowledge of martial arts and his technique, the Steel Fist.

    Band -announcement of Iron Fist

    The first Iron Fist trailer was released in 2016 during the comic-con of New York. In just over a minute, it is possible to see the character’s childhood, his training and discover the vigilante he has become. Watch the trailer for Iron Fist below.

    The full cast of Iron Fist

    In the cast of Iron Fist, we find actor Finn Jones. The latter is known to series fans for having interpreted Loras Tyrell in the hit series Game of Thrones. At his side, we find Jessica Henwick in the role of Colleen Wing or Jessica Stroup who plays Joy Meachum. Below is the cast of Iron Fist:

    • Finn Jones: Danny Rand/Iron Fist
    • Jessica Henwick: Colleen Wing
    • Jessica Stroup: Joy Meachum
    • Tom Pelphrey: Ward Meachum

      15035342Sacha Dhawan: Davos/Steel Serpent

      15035342Alice Eve: Mary Walker/ Typhoid Mary

    • Ramon Rodriguez: Bakuto
    • David Wenham: Harold Meachum

    Where to see Iron Fist?

      If Iron Fist has been arrested At the end of its second season, the series remains available for streaming on Netflix, as is the case with other series from the Marvel Cinematic Universe and The Defenders. To view it, all you need is an account on the streaming platform.

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