Hearstopper: will the Netflix series have a season 2?

Hearstopper: la série Netflix aura-t-elle une saison 2? HEARTSTOPPER NETFLIX. The LGBTQ+ friendly teen-drama “Heartstopper” is the new obsession of Netflix subscribers. Is a season 2 planned?

Heartstopper is Netflix’s latest popular hit. This eight-episode British series is the adaptation of the graphic novel by Alice Oseman, which follows the romance of two teenagers as they discover their respective feelings. Subscribers to the streaming platform were seduced by the idyll of Charlie and Nick, wondering if a sequel is planned on Netflix. For now, the platform has not formalized a season 2.

However, there is material for Heartstopper to be entitled to a season 2. The graphic novel by Alice Oseman has four volumes. The author herself hopes to continue the adaptation of her work in series, believing that “there is enough to continue with this story”. Note that the end of season 1 corresponds to the end of volume 2. There are still two volumes to adapt for the series. However, we must wait to discover the course of Heartstopper, and the viewing figures generated, to know if Nick and Charlie will soon be back or not.

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