Halo series: the series available in France on Canal+

Halo série: la série disponible en France sur Canal+ HALO SERIES. It’s the big day for French Halo fans. The series adapted from the world of video games is now available in France on Canal+.

Almost a month after the American broadcast of the Halo series on Paramount++, here it is finally officially available in France. This Thursday 18 April, Canal+ has uploaded a first burst of episodes from the series adapted from the Halo video games. You can discover, on MyCanal when you subscribe to the related services, episodes 1 to 5 of the series (season 1 must have 9 episodes in total) which follows the adventures of the Master Chief and the Silver Team. The opportunity to catch up with the accumulated delay with the American broadcast, which began on 18 March. For those who aren’t very familiar with the world of Halo, Canal++ has released a short guide so that everyone is relatively comfortable with the general idea of ​​the series, which depicts the struggle of Humanity against the alien grouping known as the Covenant. Here it is, below.

This is one of the big series expected this year, the adaptation of the Halo video game series has arrived in the United States. United on 18 March 2022 and signed (unsurprisingly) the best start of the Paramount + platform for a new series. Project long planned to be a film, it is finally in series that the saga of science fiction known to owners of Xbox is available. On the other side of the Atlantic, the series is broadcast on the Paramount+ subscription streaming service. However, this service is not yet available in France. How can the French public watch the Halo series? The American studio Paramount has announced that it has signed broadcasting partnerships in countries where its service has not yet launched. France is concerned and it is Canal+ which is therefore the first to broadcast the Halo series in our country.

When to see the Halo series on Paramount+?

The Halo series is broadcast on the Paramount+ subscription streaming service, eagerly awaited by fans of SF and the Xbox video game series. In the United States and wherever the online service is available in the world, Paramount+ is the place to go. Note however that the offer has not yet been launched in France. For those in a hurry, you have to go to Canal+ for a preview. The most patient can also wait for the French launch of Paramount+, scheduled for the second half of the year 721 .

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Synopsis: The series depicts the conflict of the 28th century between Humanity and the alien menace known as the Covenant. In a war for humanity’s survival, our deadliest weapon is also our greatest hope. The Master Chief leads the Silver Team, a team of Spartan, superhuman and overtrained soldiers, in the hope of ending the war with the aliens.

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