Fantastic Four: deprived of a director, where is the film of the Fantastic Four?

Fantastic Four: privé de réalisateur, où en est le film des Quatre Fantastiques? THE FANTASTIC FOUR. There’s a storm in the air for the new Fantastic Four movie planned at Marvel Studios. Its director, Jon Watts, simply abandoned the project.

Director of the latest Spider-Man trilogy (Homecoming, Far From Home, No Way Home), director Jon Watts announced at the end of April 2022 that he would not be behind the camera to shoot the film The Fantastic Four announced by Marvel Studios. The separation of the studio and the director would have been carried out by mutual agreement, as indicated by a press release from Jon Watts shared with the Hollywood Reporter. “Making three Spider-Man movies was an incredible and life-changing experience. I’m eternally grateful to have been a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe for seven years. I hope we work together again and I can’t wait to see the incredible vision of the Fantastic Four come true.”

In any case, this separation should delay the birth of this new feature film dedicated to the Fantastic Four. Previously operated by 20th Century Fox, the Fantastic Four license has seen several film adaptations, none of which have truly marked both the critics and the public. After the acquisition of Fox’s assets, Disney and Marvel Studios once again hold the license for the superhero family and were quick to start work on a new cinematic iteration of the famous “Fantastic Four”. The announcement was made on 20 December 2020: “Jon Watts will direct the new movie about Marvel’s first family: the Fantastic Four!” Finally, the project will have to find a new director.

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