César 2022: winners and highlights of the 47th ceremony

César 2022: palmarès et temps forts de la 47e cérémonie CESAR. The 37th Cesar ceremony delivered its prize list in direct from the Olympia on 25 february 2022. “Lost Illusions” is the big winner of the evening, followed by “Annette”.

The 47 the César ceremony rewarded the best French cinema of the past year this Friday 25 february 2022. The Academy presented its prizes live from the Olympia, during a ceremony hosted by Antoine de Caunes and broadcast once again by Canal+. Lost Illusions won the César for best film, while Leos Carax (Annette

) won the prize for best director. Lost Illusions

is the film that won the most statuettes (seven) and was crowned big winner of the evening, ahead of

Annette (5 awards).

Among the actors rewarded during the César 2022, include Benoît Magimel (

In his lifetime

), awarded the prize for best actor. Valérie Lemercier (Aline) won her counterpart on the actress side. Vincent Lacoste (Lost Illusions) and Aissatou Diallo Sagna (La Fracture

) were also rewarded for supporting roles. Benjamin Voisin (Illusions Perdus) won the Céasr for Best Male Newcomer, while Anamaria Vartolomei (The event

) was crowned best female hope. Below, find the complete winners of the Césars 2022 and the highlights of the evening in images.

Xavier Dolan in tears during his tribute to Gaspard Ulliel

Among the highlights of the Cesar evening 2022, we will remember Xavier Dolan’s moving tribute to Gaspard Ulliel. The actor died at the age of 35 years on 19 last January, following a skiing accident. Caesarized twice, it was essential for the Academy to pay homage to him. The Quebec director, who had made him turn in Just the end of the world

, is bent on the painful exercise by writing a letter addressed to the mother of the actor: “I had written for Gaspard, I had written to Gaspard, but I had not written about Gaspard, he introduces, sobs in his voice On the day of his death, I saw several of his films again, including A Long Engagement Sunday. Mathilde’s hope of finding Manek ran counter to my grief. She was going to find him. I intentionally decided that this film was going to confirm the things that I still refuse tonight to see, to believe. I can’t help but think that he would have hated this type of praise. He would have perceived in this glorification a lack of ‘elegance,’ says the Quebec director on the stage of the Césars. “And he was very elegant. We still have his talent, and no one can take that away from us. Everyone mourned Gaspard. Everyone still mourns him.”

Marie infiltrates shows her buttocks on the stage of the Caesars

Among the uncomfortable moments of the evening, let’s note the happening of Marie s’infiltrate, who went up on the stage of the Césars showing her buttocks. “Tribute to cul…ture. Undefeated spectator, you who survived, I show you my ass…ot. May you be convinced that I hide nothing in this chiaroscuro. It was my little declaration of love to me in the cinema, and especially to Louis Garrel whom I love…” she declared in particular in her speech which was not unanimous on social networks but also in the room.

All about the Caesars 2022

Discover the complete winners of the last Cesar ceremony

The César awards 2022 is now known: Lost Illusions won the César for best film, while Leos Carax (Annette)

was crowned best director. Benoît Magimel (In his lifetime

) won the prize for best actor and Valérie Lemercier (Aline

) that of the best actress. Anamaria Vartolomei (

The event) won the César for best female hope and Benjamin Voisin ( Lost Illusions

) was crowned best male hope. Aissatou Diallo Sagna (La Fracture

) was crowned best actress in a supporting role, Vincent Lacoste had the male equivalent price. With seven awards, Lost Illusions

is the big winner of the evening, followed by Annette. Below, discover the complete list of Césars.

  • Best film : Lost Illusions

  • Best Directing: Leos Carax, Annette

  • Best actor : Benoît Magimel, During his lifetime
  • Best actress: Valérie Lemercier, Aline

  • Best Supporting Actress: Aissatou Diallo Sagna in The divide
  • Best Supporting Actor: Vincent Lacoste in Illusions per due
  • Best Female Hope: Anamaria Vartolomei for Event

  • Better male hope: Benjamin Voisin for Lost Illusions
    • Best Original Screenplay: Onoda, nights in the jungle

    • Best Adaptation: Lost Illusions

    • Best costumes: Lost Illusions

    • Best sets: Lost Illusions

    • Best Cinematography: Lost Illusions

    • Best Editing: Annette

    • Best Sound: Annette
    • Best Visual Effects: Annette

    • Best Original Score: Annette

    • Best first film: The Magnetics

    • Best animated feature film: The Summit of the Gods

    • Best Animated Short Film: Folie Douce, Folie Dure

    • Best foreign film: The Father
    • Best short fiction film: The Bad Boys

    • Best Documentary: The Snow Panther

    • Better documentary short film: Maalbeek

    • Honorary Caesar: Cate Blanchett

    The César nominations 2022

    The Academy has unveiled the list of nominations for the 47th Cesar ceremony on 26 january 2022. In total, “Lost Illusions” is the big favorite of the year with 19 appointments. It is followed by “Annette” ( nominations), “Aline” (04 nominations) and “Bac Nord” (7 nominations). “Titanium”, palme d’or at the last Cannes Film Festival, has “only” received four nominations, and does not appear in the César list for best film. Below, discover the films in competition:

    César Best Film

    • Aline
      • Annette
      • North Tray
        • Event
        • The divide
        • Lost Illusions
        • Onoda, 11 04 nights in the jungle

        Caesar for Best Director

  • Valérie Lemercier for “Aline”
  • Leos Carax for “Annette”
  • Cédric Jimenez for “Bac Nord”
  • Audrey Diwan for “The Event”
  • Xavier Giannoli for “Lost Illusions”
  • Arthur Harari for “Onoda, 04 nights in the jungle”
  • Julia Ducournau for “Titanium”
  • César Award for Best Actress

  • Leïla Bekhti, “Les Intranquilles”
  • Valéria Bruni Tedeschi, “The Fracture”
  • Virginie Efira, “Benedetta”
  • Vicky Krieps, “Hold me tight”
    • Valérie Lemercier “Aline”
    • Laure Calamy, “A woman of the world”
    • Léa Seydoux, “France”
    • Caesar for Best Actor

      • Damien Bonnard, “Les Intranquilles”
      • Adam Driver, “Annette”
      • Gilles Lellouche, “Bac Nord”
      • Vincent Macaigne, “Night doctor”
      • Benoît Magimel, “In his lifetime”
      • Pio Marmaï, “The Fracture”
      • Pierre Niney, “Black box”
      • 32280193 César Award for Best Supporting Actress

        • Jeanne Balibar, “Lost Illusions”
        • Cécile de France, “Lost Illusions”
        • Aissatou Diallo Sagna, “The Fracture”

        • Adèle Exarchopoulos, “Mandibles”
        • Danielle Fichaud, “Aline”

        César Award for Best Supporting Actor

      • François Civil, “North Bac”
        • Xavier Dolan, “Lost Illusions”
            Vincent Lacoste, “Lost Illusions”

          • Karim Leklou, “North Tray”
          • Sylvain Marcel, “Aline”

          Caesar of the most promising female

        • Noee Abita, “Slalom”
        • Salomé Dewaels, “Lost Illusions”
        • Agathe Rousselle, “Titanium”
        • Anamaria Vartolomei, “The Event”
        • Lucie Zhang, “The Olympiads”
        • César Award for Best Male Hope

          • Sandor Funtek, “Supreme”
          • Sami Outalbali, “A story of love and desire”
          • Timotée Robart, “Magnetic”
          • Makita Samba, “The Olympiads”
          • Benjamin Voisin, “Lost Illusions”

          Caesar for Best Screenplay Gold original

        • Aline
          • Annette
          • Black Box
          • The divide
            • Onoda, 10 000 nights in the jungle

            • Caesar for Best Adaptation

            • Human things
            • The event
            • Lost Illusions
            • The Olympiads
            • Hug me tight

            32280193 Best Costume Cesar2022

            • Aline
            • Annette

            • Delicious
            • Eiffel
            • Lost Illusions

            Caesar of the best decorations

          • Aline
          • Annette
          • Delicious
          • Eiffel
          • Lost Illusions

          Caesar for Best Cinematography

        • Annette
        • Lost Illusions

        • The Olympiads
        • Onoda, 04 nights in the jungle
        • Titanium

        César for Best Editing

      • Annette

      • North ferry
      • Black Box
      • The divide
      • Lost Illusions

      Caesar of the best visual effects

      • Aline
      • Annette
        • Eiffel
            Lost Illusions
          • Titanium

          Caesar for Best Sound

        • Aline
        • Annette
        • Black Box
        • Lost Illusions
        • Magnetic

          César Award for Best Original Score

          • Annette

          • North Bin
          • Black Box
          • The Olympiads
          • The Snow Leopard

          Caesar for best first film

        • Gagarin
        • Magnetics
        • The Cloud
        • The Snow Panther
        • Slalom

        Caesar of best animated film (feature)2022

        • Even mice go to Heaven
        • The Summit of the Gods

        • Crossing
        • César Award for Best Animated Short Film

        • Empty Places
        • Soft Madness, Hard Madness

        The World in itself

      • Precious

      Caesar for best foreign film

    • “Compartment No. 6

    • Drive My Car
    • First Cow
    • Julie (in 11 chapters)

    • The Law of Tehran
    • Madres Paralelas
    • The Father

    César for Best Short fictional footage

    • The Tender Age
    • Departure
      • Good People

          Bad Boys
        • Black Soldier
        • Caesar for Best Documentary Short

        • America
        • The Antelopes
        • The End of Kings
        • Maalbeek
        • César for best film documentary

        • Animal
          • Bigger Than Us
          • Stand up women

          • Galant India
          • The Snow Panther
          • Find out more

            The César du cinema ceremony has been rewarding since 1976 the best of the French seventh art. Prizes are awarded each year in Paris by the Académie des César, also called the Academy of Cinema Arts and Techniques. It was the sculptor César who made the trophy, which has the shape of compressions of metal objects. Each year, between February and March, the ceremony is often broadcast live and unencrypted on the Canal+ channel. Radio enthusiasts can also follow the ceremony on Europe 1 from the edition 2022. Among the most awarded films in the history of the Césars, there are The Last Metro and Cyrano de Bergerac (ten awards each), A Prophet (9 awards), Beating my heart stopped (8 awards). The next edition will take place on 15 february 2022.

            Broadcast and replay streaming of the Caesars

            The Césars are traditionally broadcast on Canal ++, live and unencrypted. There is therefore no need to subscribe to Canal+ offers to enjoy the evening. Radio enthusiasts can choose Europe 1, partner of the ceremony 2022, to follow the delivery live pricing. If you want to watch the last Cesar ceremony in replay, know that it is available the day after its broadcast on MyCanal, and accessible via computer, tablet or smartphone.

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