Camping 4: is a new film with Franck Dubosc planned?

CAMPING – Announced several years ago, where is the Camping project? 4 with Franck Dubosc? What we know.

It has been several years since Fabien Onteniente, director of the Camping trilogy, announced a fourth film at the Flots bleus. It was in 2016, on the antenna of Europe 1, that the French scenario writer announced the building site of this new episode of the adventures of Patrick Chirac: “See you with Franck [Dubosc, ndlr] on the 5th [septembre] for Camping 4. We are going to activate the levers of the campsite, since many people ask us to. It will surely revolve around the grandpaternity. Patrick Chirac is going to become a grandfather, we haven’t seen him much as a father.” But the film was never released in theaters, enough to ask fans.

In 2018, Fabien Onteniente had even dampened hopes: “[Camping 4], we’ll never do that one!” For his part, Franck Dubosc had confided in 2019: “I no longer want to put on the swimsuit. We used the character, even I can’t play it well anymore”. It therefore seemed impossible to one day find the campers of the Flots bleus… But in May 2020, the director confided on RTL to have had the lead actor on the phone about a fourth Camping movie. “And it’s true that we are asked for it all the time, so for a moment, we will respond to this collective request”. The project is therefore not yet officially launched, but it is not impossible that Camping fans will soon find Patrick Chirac at the cinema.

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