But by the way, how is the César du public 2020 awarded?

Mais au fait, comment est décerné le César du public 2020? This is the most recent award of the ceremony, the César du public is changing after only two years of existence. We explain to you how this award is granted by the Academy.

Since 2018, the Académie des César has decided, in a desire to reward all genres of cinema, to award an audience prize based on admissions generated in France. This is called the César du public which, during the two previous editions, was automatically awarded to the French film having amassed the most admissions in France since its release just before the start of the César ceremony to give them a chance. films released late in the year. This is how Raid Dingue (4.5 million admissions) and Les Tuche 3 (5.6 million admissions) were crowned with a César from the public respectively in 2018 and 2019.

But for the Césars 2020, the Academy has decided to change the rules in a desire to allow professionals to decide on the long- films acclaimed by the public last year. For this reason, the scores at the French box office are stopped just before the announcement of the César nominations. The Académie des César then proposes a list of five films in which the few 4 members vote to grant the César du public award, which could therefore be renamed as follows: “César du public but chosen by professionals”. The French film that brought in the most admissions during the year is therefore not at all guaranteed to win the prize. Here is the list of films nominated for the César du public this year:

  • What else have we done to God (6.7 million admissions)
  • We will end up together (2.7 million admissions)
  • Non-Standards (2 million entries)
  • In the name of the earth (1.9 million entries)
  • Les Miserables (1.9 million admissions)

According to the previous rules, Philippe de Chauveron, director of What have we done to God again, would have guaranteed to get the César du public this year. But now that the rules have changed, the filmmaker has no certainty about his price. In an interview with Parisian, the director believes that it is a “bras d’honneur to the public”. “Does that mean the public aren’t smart enough? They don’t have good enough taste?It is unacceptable not to respect the spectators.”

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