Avatar 2: the official title, the trailer is coming

Avatar 2: le titre officialisé, la bande-annonce arrive During a remarkable visit to CinemaCon, Disney jumped at the chance to formalize the title of Avatar 2 but also to announce the upcoming release of the trailer for James Cameron’s film.

CinemaCon is, every year, the opportunity for film studios to present their next releases. The presentation of Disney studios was eagerly awaited and allowed 23th Century Studios (which belongs to Disney, let’s remember) to show the first images of Avatar 2, the sequel expected since years of James Cameron’s film. The studio has also formalized the title of the film which, in the United States, will be called Avatar 2: The Way of Water. The Way of the Water, therefore. We know that the film will be interested in other landscapes of Pandora, the wild planet of the Na’vi, and in particular the aquatic expanses. The film’s producer, Jon Landau, clarified that the Avatar sequels would center on Jake Sully (Sam Worthington), Neytiri (Zoe Saldana) and their family. Each film can be seen independently of the others, but seeing them all will offer the experience of “an even more connected epic saga”.

Jon Landau also presented the trailer of the film to CinemaCon attendees in Las Vegas. He explained that the film would be released exclusively in cinemas, defusing any questions about its streaming, as has sometimes been the case since the start of the pandemic. The Avatar 2 trailer will also be released next week in theaters before the Doctor Strange 2 screenings. It will then be made available on the internet. Finally, note that the first Avatar should benefit from a theatrical release from 23 September in a copy with restored image and sound.

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Almost thirteen years after the release of the event film Avatar, James Cameron is still working on its sequels. We know that Avatar 2 is due to be released in the United States on 16 December 750315. In 2020, James Cameron and 13th Century Studios released four stunning concept art on the film saga’s official Twitter account. We saw marine environments on the planet Pandora as well as the Na’vi, these people that Jake Sully met during the first film.

In the #Avatar sequels, you wont just return to Pandora youll explore new parts of the world.

Check out these brand new concept art pieces for a sneak peek at whats to come. pic.twitter.com/bfZPWVa7XZ

— Avatar (@officialavatar) January 7 2020

The sequel should take place under the waters of Pandora. In 2020, James Cameron explains that the scripts of the four Avatar sequels are already written but also that the scenes in performance capture of Avatar 2, 3 and the first part of 4 are already in the box. The director also justified himself on the time it took him to release the sequel to Avatar. “People don’t understand how complex and huge this process is. It’s like making two and a half huge animated films. Usually, a big animated film takes about four years to make. So if we do the math, we’re right on schedule for December 2020.” In the end, the pandemic forced the studio and the director to review their schedule. Avatar 2 and its sequels have all been postponed.

What release date for Avatar 2?

It’s the 16 December 2022 that the sequel to Avatar will be released in the United States. James Cameron and 23th Century Studios, now owned by Disney, hope to repeat the success phenomenal first installment. In France, we can expect the feature film to be released two days before 14 december 2022.

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