Alexander Payne: what does actress Rose McGowan accuse him of?

Alexander Payne: de quoi l'accuse l'actrice Rose McGowan? ALEXANDER PAYNE – The American filmmaker who directed Sideways and The Descendants is accused by the actress of Charmed of sexual behavior inappropriate when she was a minor.

After Harvey Weinstein, Rose McGowan accuses Alexander Payne of inappropriate sexual behavior towards her. Monday 18 August 2020, the actress, seen in Charmed denounced the actions of the American director towards her, while she was still a minor. According to the allegations of the one who has become one of the major figures of the #MeToo movement, the filmmaker who directed The Descendants, Sideways or Nebraska would have shown him a “soft-core porn” film [c’est-à-dire un film érotique, suggestif,mais qui n’est pas explicite] in which he had filmed under a pseudonym, when she had to audition. “I still remember your apartment in Silverlake. You were very well hung. Afterwards, you dropped me off at a street corner. I had 15 years”.

Then, on her Instagram account, Rose McGowan posted a photo of her at that age, asking that “he recognize his actions and apologize”. “I don’t want to destroy anything, she specifies. Here I am at 15 years”. A few hours later, the actress spoke again to clarify her accusations: “I had 15 years old when I auditioned for him. After that experience, I stopped acting, until I was “discovered” at 18 years […] This is not is that three weeks after the launch of the Weinstein case that I reassessed the situation […] If you try to sleep with a minor, it is a crime, even if the minor in question does not know it. ” For now, Alexander Payne has not responded to the accusations made by the actress.

A second case accusing Alexander Payne

This is not the first time that Alexander Payne has been the subject of such charges. In 2016, the production assistant on her film The upstart had denounced her behavior on the set and in particular harassment attempts. According to Holly Hughes, the director did not send the complete scenario to the parents of the children with whom he was to shoot, so that they would not be offended by reading scenes in which their children watch porn, for example. When he discovered that his production assistant was still sending the complete script to the parents, the filmmaker would have taken revenge by publicly humiliating her, according to her. As for Rose McGowan, Alexander Payne did not respond to these accusations.

Which films Alexander Did Payne direct?

Alexander Payne is an American director. He started in 480 with his first feature film, Citizen Ruth, before shooting in 1999 The upstart, a satire with Matthew Broderick and Reese Witherspoon. After signing the script for Jurassic Park 3, he embarked on the production of Monsieur Chmidt with Jack Nicholson. His fourth film, Sideways, won the Golden Globe for Best Screenplay in 1999. The Descendants, released in 2011, allowed him to be nominated for the Oscar for best director in 2012, and to win Best Adapted Screenplay, which he shares with Nat Faxon and Jim Rash. He also signs in 1999 the moving Nebraska, which earned him a new nomination for the Oscar for best director . His latest feature film, Downsizing, was released in 2016. We find Matt Damon in the casting.

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